‘Shorebirds’ eMagazine is coming

Written by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders
Shorebird_eMagazineCurrent technology is fantastic. Just a couple of years ago the mobile devices haven’t even existed and just Steve Jobs had a vision of the ‘mobile’ future. What is happening today is incredible but the future keeps some more fantastic products which will support the rushing and mobile life.
It is unquestionable that more and more birdwatchers are using the wide variety of mobile gadgets either at home, in the office or in the field while birding. Even if some are against the elements, the trends are showing constant increase when it comes to mobile usage. WorldWaders are not any different. It follows the trends and goes mobile.
The most convenient reading experience comes from using any kind of tablets. Current publishing technology not only allows static pages to be flipped through but it turns publishing into a whole new level. The integrity and interactivity are what make these applications (apps) unique and fun to use.
When the WorldWaders News Blog turns into a mobile app it delivers a wide variety of unique and exclusive articles about shorebird conservation with an easy to adopt reading experience. Despite it is planned to be a quarterly magazine it will always be up-to-date, thanks to the actual news fetching module. High quality videos, beautifully rendered texts, interactive links and stunning images will all support the original idea. I am working hard to make it happen and to set everything (money, contributors and articles) for the first publishing date somewhere in 2014.
The app will focus on the iPad and iPhone users but Android and Windows version will also be available in a later phase. Follow the WorldWaders News Blog for more news on the app and the publishing date.
Anyone is interested in contributing by providing news and/or articles or having an idea for the emagazine, is kindly asked to contact me. Feedback is much appreciated.

WorldWaders News Blog Reborn


Following the announcement of closure of Posterous a new WorldWaders News Blog had to be created on a hopefully more trusted host, the WordPress. Posterous was acquired by Twitter last year and now they announced to close their service by 30 April 2013.

This is a good time for me to rethink the future and structure of WorldWaders News Blog. The blog was launched almost three years ago and had 112 Followers (which is not a huge number as not every reader was willing to register to Posterous!), 185 posts with a total of 111,689 views since then. It was quite popular among shorebird enthusiasts but it was hard to make it up-to-date on my own. The WorldWaders New Blog was always thought to be a multi-authored blog providing news on the actual conservation issues or achievements, species status, projects and other related NGO activities exclusively on shorebirds/waders. I also have learnt that not everyone is one Facebook or other social media so running an independent news blog is a good idea to reach other fans. On Facebook I created a related group which has 2,266 members and counting. It is very popular but I am pretty sure that there are more birdwatchers out of Facebook who would love to read more about shorebirds.

In the coming weeks I establish this news providing network and the WorldWaders News Blog will run again smoothly with news on a global level. I really hope global players and researchers will like this idea and support this initiative. If I will succeed a new and beautifully illustrated digital magazine for mobile devices, exclusively on the Charadriformes, will be launched later this year. Let’s hope I will not find myself alone with this idea!