Great Lebanese Bird Hunt

This short blog post is linked to the previous one on the bird massacre in Lebanon. Peter Ericsson (Thailand) informed me about a group named, ‘GREAT LEBANESE BIRD HUNT‘ which actually promotes himself on Facebook. One of the strange and scary post on their wall shows the poster of the World Migratory Bird Day to be held in 11-12 May with the advertising text: Great Lebanese Bird Hunt. I reckon it is not a name of a classic birding race for ‘hunting’ (seeing) as many bird species as possible.
They are fully aware of the fight of different organizations against the population decreases of migratory bird species and it seems that they organize a massive hunting as a ‘celebration’ of this day. I wish I was wrong…



One thought on “Great Lebanese Bird Hunt

  1. Ghazi Umar Javed

    During season in the month of Nov, Dec, the migratory bird species i.e ducks, especially cranes came from Russia to enter Afghanistan, Pakistan, routed through narrow escape of flying path between high mountain some news were heard the hunters catches crane through netting please.

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