American Oystercatcher Band Database

American Oystercatcher chicks for banding. Image courtesy of The Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
American Oystercatcher chicks for banding. Image courtesy of The Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
Posted by the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture
The American Oystercatcher Band Database is intended to house all records of banded American Oystercatchers and provide a mechanism for researchers to efficiently enter and search records of banded birds. It is a project of the American Oystercatcher Working GroupAudubon North Carolina, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. For members of the working group, the website provides data entry and search capabilities.
For the public, it provides two unique services:
  1. A public report form, where all sightings of banded American Oystercatchers should be reported.
  2. A feature called “My Oystercatchers” which engages the public with “their” birds by allowing anyone to automatically—without remembering previously reported band codes or emailing the database administrator–view all records for birds they have reported.
The Working Group hopes that this capability will help the public to engage with the lives of oystercatchers, and become more aware of all shorebirds and beach-nesting birds. We ask that anyone working in the oysercatcher’s range be aware of the database, report banded oysercatchers to the database, and help to inform birdwatchers and other members of the public about the database and the existence of oystercatchers.
The website for the public to report bands is and My Oystercatchers and information about banding is linked to from that page. Questions about the database can be directed to the database administrator, Lindsay Addison (

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