A couple for the Spoonies

The critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper is one of the most known and sought after bird species among birdwatchers and bird addicts. Not a single organisation decided to campaign for bringing this unique and adorable little peep back from the brink of extinction. The publicity on the conservation efforts for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper is extremely wide and has reached thousands of members of different NGOs or social media groups.
However, still not many of them are aware of an interesting private project called Wader Quest. Behind the project there is a couple. An ex fireman, a teacher, a nice bird guide and an addict to waders and a wonderful partner, a photographer from Brazil. To make it short, they are the Simpsons.


The Spooners, Rick & Elis Simpson. © Gyorgy Szimuly
Rick and Elis Simpson launched Wader Quest last year with a tremendous preparation work prior to kick off. Their target was to see a many shorebird species within a year as possible by traveling across the globe. During their trips they try to reach as many locals as possible to spread the word about the importance of shorebird conservation through the conservation efforts of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper.
While they are traveling they try to get more and more donors to support the WWT project on the Spoonie. So what is happening there? A couple is collecting money for their travels under the umbrella of Spoon-billed Sandpiper conservation? The truth is that this amazing couple spends its OWN money and time to find funds for the WWT’s Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper Project. If we talk about addiction then Rick & Elis are definitely role models! I am lucky to know them and they are very close my family’s heart. Life often overwrites even the most perfect plans as it had happened to Rick and Elis. Due to a critical health issue of a very close family member they had to postpone some of the travels but the original idea is still the same, supporting the Spoon-billed Sandpiper conservation efforts. We can show our sympathy to Rick and Elis by donating the Wader Quest Project in these difficult times with a donation of a price of a box of beer or whatever small or larger amount. That is absolutely a personal choice! At the time of writing £1,000.25 cash + £116.95 Gift Aid raised from ‘only’ 29 donors. All donations DIRECTLY go to WWT and in the meantime Rick and Elis make huge efforts to find funds for their travels, but that is a different story – as they said. I am pretty sure that there should be more than 29 people who wishes the Spoon-billed Sandpiper to be back from the brink of EXTINCTION!


Should you think this project is worth to support, please go to their JustGiving fundraising page:

JUSTGIVING - LOGOhttp://www.justgiving.com/waderquest

Personally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Elis and Rick for setting up and running this ‘donation quest‘ for an impressive shorebird species, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper!
This article was originally posted by Gyorgy Szimuly at http://szimistylebirding.wordpress.com.

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