WorldWaders News Blog Reborn


Following the announcement of closure of Posterous a new WorldWaders News Blog had to be created on a hopefully more trusted host, the WordPress. Posterous was acquired by Twitter last year and now they announced to close their service by 30 April 2013.

This is a good time for me to rethink the future and structure of WorldWaders News Blog. The blog was launched almost three years ago and had 112 Followers (which is not a huge number as not every reader was willing to register to Posterous!), 185 posts with a total of 111,689 views since then. It was quite popular among shorebird enthusiasts but it was hard to make it up-to-date on my own. The WorldWaders New Blog was always thought to be a multi-authored blog providing news on the actual conservation issues or achievements, species status, projects and other related NGO activities exclusively on shorebirds/waders. I also have learnt that not everyone is one Facebook or other social media so running an independent news blog is a good idea to reach other fans. On Facebook I created a related group which has 2,266 members and counting. It is very popular but I am pretty sure that there are more birdwatchers out of Facebook who would love to read more about shorebirds.

In the coming weeks I establish this news providing network and the WorldWaders News Blog will run again smoothly with news on a global level. I really hope global players and researchers will like this idea and support this initiative. If I will succeed a new and beautifully illustrated digital magazine for mobile devices, exclusively on the Charadriformes, will be launched later this year. Let’s hope I will not find myself alone with this idea!

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