New Flyway Network Site: ???Yubu-do Tidal Flat??? in Seocheon County, Republic of Korea

Written by EAAFP

Based on the recommendation of the Secretariat and review panel, the ‘Yubu-do Tidal Flat’ in Seocheon County is now designated in the Flyway Site Network (FSN) as an internationally important habitat for migratory waterbirds on the East Asian-Australasia Flyway.


© 2011 Partnership for EAAF

Classified as intertidal flat and islands, it is located in the centre of the western coast in Korea, and is an important staging and non-breeding habitat for many migratory waterbirds such as Eurasian Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus), Grey Plover (Pluvialis squatarola), Lesser Sand Plover (Charadrius mongolus), Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica), Eurasian Curlew (Numenius arquata), Far Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensis) and Dunlin (Calidris alpina). It also regularly supports appreciable numbers of Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpipers (Eurynorhynchus pygmeus).


South-east Asia provides very important staging sites for Artctic breeder shorebirds. © Neil Fifer


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