Updates Made to Key Features on WHSRN Webpage

Written by Meredith Gutowski/WHSRN

The WHSRN Executive Office is pleased to announce recent important updates made to key features within the WHSRN website. The links within the descriptive pop-up boxes associated with each icon on our interactive Google map of WHSRN sites have all been thoroughly reviewed and updated as needed. The same was also done on the accompanying Google Earth map file (.kmz). For your convenience, this map file is available for downloading on our interactive Google map webpage as well as our List of Sites webpage.


Google Earth map of WHSRN sites, with pop-up box displayed.

Visitors to our website may recall that in 2010 not all of the Site Profiles were available in the newer, more attractive and informative format. Now they are! And, any links to and within each Site Profile have been methodically checked and corrected as needed. As you might imagine, however, keeping current with certain content is an ongoing and dynamic process, and we are continuing to work with partners whose Site Profiles need updated, or additional, details and features.

If you serve as a primary contact or partner for a WHSRN site, the start of this new year is the perfect time to review your Site Profile for accuracy and to let us know of any updates needed. All Site Profiles are accessible via the table on our List of Sites webpage.

For more information, please contact Meredith Gutowski (mgutowski@manomet.org ), WHSRN Conservation Specialist, or Lisa Schibley (lisa@zoompuppy.com), Technical Assistant, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences.


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