Stop Speedboats in Bushells Lagoon!

Written by Birds Australia

The Hawkesbury Environment Network asks for your support in protecting Bushells Lagoon from Speedboats:

Bushells lagoon (6 km North of Windsor, NSW) is a sanctuary for internationally threatened bird species. Almost 140 species of birds have been recorded on this lagoon at various times including 17 species of shorebirds protected by international treaties. The habitat itself is protected under Bilateral Migratory Bird Agreements between Australia & Japan and Australia & China.

The lagoon also contains important habitat vegetation and marine life such as the Red Crowned Toadlet also listed under the TSCA. Finally, the human residents of the Bushells Lagoon area also suffer from the effects of speedboats, especially the noise.


It’s almost impossible to imagine speedboats on this sanctuary for Birds and people, yet the Maritime Services Board has issued a licence to a water ski club to ski on this lagoon. The club even built a slalom course down the centre of the lagoon already! These activities put in danger species that Australia is obliged to protect through international agreements.

The controversial decision to breach of Australia’s international obligations and grant speedboats access to this pristine sanctuary, therefore needs to be reversed!

Please act as a matter of urgency and e-mail a short request reminding our government of it’s obligation under the JAMBA and CAMBA agreements and requesting intervention to overturn granting of the license issued by the NSW Marine Services Board.

Send your submission to:

Hon. Tony Burke MP
Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


The Hon. Eric Roozendaal BA LLB MLC
Minister for Ports and Waterways

Hawkesbury City Council

Please also consider forwarding a separate letter to and get it in the main media! (Sydney Morning Herald)


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