WorldWaders is seeking for shorebird counters

Written by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders

I am thrilled to announce a great prize for 2011 WorldWaders Non-breeding Shorebird Mapping Project contributors. We encourage everyone to count shorebirds anywhere in the world and to give it a chance to win. Regular counts have to be made (data collected from the next 12 months, starting from March 1, 2011) for being included in the draw. Conditions will be published shortly.


A pair of a Swarovski binocular (exact model to be announced) (image is for illustration only!) will find a new owner next spring. 

Recommended dates for shorebirds counts:

12-13 February 2011
26-27 February 2011
12-13 March 2011
26-27 March 2011
9-10 April 2011
23-24 April 2011
7-8 May 2011
21-22 May 2011
4-5 June 2011
18-19 June 2011
2-3 July 2011
16-17 July 2011
30-31 July 2011
13-14 August 2011
27-28 August 2011
10-11 September 2011
24-25 September 2011
8-9 October 2011
22-23 October 2011
5-6 November 2011
19-20 November 2011
3-4 December 2011
17-18 December 2011
31 December 2011 – 1 January 2012


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These are the recommended dates but any other day around the selected weekend is accepted. If no shorebird will be registered during field work that is also requested to be entered to the database (zero records).

Other fantastic prizes will be drawn among the WorldWaders Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project participants as well. Those who submit at least 20 real breeding records anywhere from the world from the 2011 breeding season will go for a second generation Apple iPad and other fantastic ornithological and birding books (items to be announced later). Data submission deadline is 28.02.2012.


Apple iPad (exact model to be announced) (image is for illustration only!).


One of most sought after ornithological literature for many of us is the Handbook of the Birds of the World. (exact item to be announced) (image is for illustration only!).

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10 thoughts on “WorldWaders is seeking for shorebird counters

  1. Anonymous

    Feel free to share it on your Facebook or Twitter wall, or send it to any of your friend to be interested in the project.Szimi

  2. Anonymous

    Jen, eBird records is not going to our database. There is one option to avoid double work is to share your eBird data with us. We have resource to add it to our database. 🙂 Please consider.Best, Szimi

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks Jen, Those data will be fine. Does site name included? I look forward to your data. :)Best, Szimi

  4. Anonymous

    Andrew, one way is to export records of sites and we manage to add them to the database if that is fine with you.Best, Szimi

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