International Mid-winter Wader Counts 2011

Written by WorldWaders

Shorebird counts will be carried out on the week-end of 14-16 January 2011 by hundreds of field workers, bird watchers and enthusiasts worldwide. The date is for guidance only as other days close to this week-end is still within the target. Any kind of wetlands, grasslands, agricultural fields as well as coastal and related habitats should be involved and shorebird numbers is requested to be registered. We find negative records as interesting as positive ones. WorldWaders monitors long term changes in winter distribution of waders. A site currently holds wintering waders could be empty in years and vice versa. We would like to follow these changes. So we ask those counters who possibly nothing to report to fill data form from your favourite birding spot (potential shorebird habitat only).


International Mid-winter Wader Counts
14-16 January 2011
Enjoy outing and count for waders.

Your participance is VITAL. Please, help us to get a worldwide coverage of this event. We encourage you to Invite your friends by forwarding this event info to them.


Wintering Bar-tailed Godwits and Red Knots near Newcastle, Australia. © Jan Wegener

Data should be submitted to WorldWaders database before 31 January 2011. Data form is here: In case any question please contact us at any of our contacts.

Happy birding!


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