Who will be the winner?

WorldWaders made a nice and promising start in its first non complete year. The cute shorebird artworks designed by Jon Villasper made our website a favorite one for many shorebird enthusiasts. Thanks to our partners the news blog could be updated frequently. Since May 4, 2010 96 news items have been produced or reprinted by many international partners resulting almost 32,000 page views.

The Shorebird Mapping Project is aiming to collect data on shorebird numbers both for breeding and non-breeding waders. In the first year we set the goal to learn more on data collection and finalizing an easy-to-use data sheet with clear layout as well as smoothing the data submitting process. Our staff corrected the bugs case by case as they appeared.

604 users have been registered to WorldWaders mapping project who have been submitted over 9,000 records altogether. In 2011 new features, like statistics and simplified data submission will help users to add records and get more out of the data. Outcome of data analysis will be available from the second half of 2011.

Any progress would be possible without the enormous support of our recorders and contributors. I am happy to announce to offer a special gift for some of the lucky data submitters, recorders. Data recorders are eligible for winning one of WorldWaders gifts by meeting any of the criteria as follows:


Only those users are going to be included in the draw who make the real submissions before 15.01.2011. WorldWaders staff members are excluded from the draw. Five winners will be announced and a copy of the recently published and beautifully illustrated book, the ‘Invisible Connections: Why Migrating Shorebirds Need the Yellow Sea‘ written by Phil Battley et al, will be happily mailed. Winners will be announced on WorldWaders News Blog as well as will be informed by eMail.

We are working hard to offer something really special and useful for our regular and trustworthy recorders. Details will be announced in the second half of 2011. We encourage field workers, birdwatchers and researchers to take part of our long-term project and regularly submit data on both breeding and migrating waders. Do it for the shorebirds and not only for the prize we offer.

Please, keep following the WorldWaders News Blog in the coming year with more details of our beautiful waders.

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