2011 is going to be an exciting year for WorldWaders

Written by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders

The name, WorldWaders, soon will be changed what will be one of the major event in 2011. We are all getting excited! The preparations having an organisation behind all of our projects has finished and the registry process will result the go live with the International WorldWaders Foundation. There will be more about the foundation when it is up and running but if we want to sum its role now, we have to say, it will be a supporting foundation with own and co-projects as well. The main target is to raise funds for shorebird conservation initiatives, no matter if those are running with WorldWaders or independently. We have a growing task list for the coming year and the results of these tasks will be visible through our website.

One of our most important challenges will be supporting local groups, individuals or even projects, targeting shorebird monitoring. The funding project will be focusing on long term monitoring efforts at shorebird sites of international and regional importance (guideline will be published later). As a part of this supporting project we’d like to learn more about the demand of optical or other gear needed for such projects to get the possible maximum result of field works.


Spotting scopes are mandatory tools for proper shorebird identification and counting.

This preliminary survey will be used for setting or 2011 targets for fundraising. An online form will be soon published on WorldWaders website including a few questions of the planned or already running field works and about the need of optical equipments. By then, we ask our readers to think about the possibilities and discuss it with the organisation or project team. We don’t have to describe here the importance of shorebird monitoring and counts on important sites. We would love to get an insight of your work.

Type of optical equipments will be selected by the board of the foundation. The actual news item is just for rising interests and is not a promise! We are working hard already to get money what we can directly or indirectly allocate where it is needed the most – and there are a lots of important projects running already which are worth to support.


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