Birding for Banded Shorebirds – Updated!

Written by Meredith Gutowski/WHSRN


Updated Note from the Editor of WHSRNews (newsletter of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network): Our previous issue (14 April) coincided with the increase in northbound shorebird migration in the Northern Hemisphere, and the information in our original article about banded shorebirds reflected that geographic emphasis. Subsequently, our partners in South America provided additional information about shorebird banding and data collection efforts in the Southern Hemisphere. Given the success of our original article, we have updated it with this information and a few clarifications, and are providing it anew to coincide with the southbound migration now occurring in the Northern Hemisphere. Many thanks (again) to Jeannine Parvin, Database Manager for BandedBirds.Org; Kevin Kalasz, Wildlife Biologist for Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife; and Danny Bystrak, Wildlife Biologist for U.S. Geological Survey’s Bird Banding Lab, as well as to Patricia González, Shorebird Researcher and Conservationist for Fundación Inalafquen and the Global Flyway Network, for providing the information for the updated article.

The full article with photos and diagrams is available in the 10 September 2010 issue of WHSRNews.

For more information, please contact the Editor, Meredith Gutowski, Conservation Specialist, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, Manomet, Massachusetts USA.


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