Some changes in the WorldWaders website

Written by Gyorgy Szimuly/WolrdWaders

WorldWaders has been introduced four months ago with the launch of the first module of the Shorebird Mapping Project. Since then more than 500 users have been joined and several thousand records have been submitted to our database. During this time bugs has been fixed and positive feedback as well as proposals, to improve the site, have been received. So far these changes have been made.


Non-breeding Shorebird Mapping Project

  • From today not only the admins but also the user gets e-mail notification, as a default, of their own submitted data either for breeding or non-breeding project. This is optional as user can stop accepting e-mail notifications by unchecking the checkbox in the ‘My account‘ menu. The e-mail contains the following details (sample):

New non-breeding record:

Recorder: Gyorgy Szimuly
Date: 08.09.2010
Country: Hungary
City/village: Naszály
Site: Ferencmajor fishponds
Coordinates: 47.69324119219484, 18.281421661376953

Black-winged Stilt – Himantopus himantopus: 2
Pied Avocet – Recurvirostra avosetta: 3
Northern Lapwing – Vanellus vanellus: 50
Grey Plover – Pluvialis squatarola: 2
Little Ringed Plover – Charadrius dubius: 5
Common Snipe – Gallinago gallinago: 25
Ruff – Philomachus pugnax: 10
Curlew Sandpiper – Calidris ferruginea: 2
Dunlin – Calidris alpina: 30
Red-necked Phalarope – Phalaropus lobatus: 1

  • Taxonomic order has been used instead of alphabetical one for easier data entry.

Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project

  • Confirmed‘ breeding codes appears first as a default.
  • The number of breeding pairs is no longer selectable from a list (e.g. 6-10) but exact number must be used (e.g. 7). For previously submitted data containing more than one breeding pair for a site requires revisions which we are working on.

In the close future more changes will be implemented as well as new features will be added to site which will be consonant with the establishment and activity of the WorldWaders Foundation (new project pages, portal-like main page and a few resource pages). Changes will be announced via WorldWaders News Blog.


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