An alternative way of submitting shorebird records to WorldWaders Database: eBird checklist sharing

Written by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders

WorldWaders is looking for new ways to make the Shorebird Mapping Project more worldwide. Apart of directly submitting data to our database there is another way to add observations of shorebirds by using sharing feature of eBird. eBird is a popular bird data submission website with a lots of nice feature which soon will be introduced in the WorldWaders News Blog. Birdwatchers in the Western Hemisphere favour it and use widely. While WorldWaders have many contributors from the Western Hemisphere there is a room to increase coverage in the Americas.

eBird offers observations to be shared with others by simply adding one or more e-mail address. If a user visits his/her own data (My eBird/Manage My Observations), clicks the Share link on the right, adds the e-mail address and the data is shared with us. WorldWaders has a resource to enter the data to its database. This is an easy way to share observations of regularly visited sites without doubling data entry effort if time availability is limited.

Observations from frequently visited sites are more welcome than those from the occasionally visited ones however we are happy for every submitted record. More detail and tutorial of eBird observation sharing process visit


Spotted Sandpiper, Cuba. © Gyorgy Szimuly


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