Delaware Bay Shorebird Project

Posted by Kevin Kalasz/Delaware Shorebird Project

Things continue to go well here. We did the plane survey today and??the count was about 6,500 knots in the bay, however the actual number??is probably higher. Horseshoe eggs are super-abundant this year (they??set a record count in Mispillion harbor at the last sample- over half??by volume was eggs) so we suspect birds can fill up quickly in the??morning and are spending much of the rest of the day roosting where??they plane count wouldn’t have detected them. Crab spawining??continues to be quite good on most beaches.

We have made our first catches of both knot and turnstone and are due??to make our next catches- bad weather and Peregrine problems have delayed us. The rainy day gave us time to get caught up on data??entry, however, so it wasn’t a total loss and by afternoon the rain??had slowed to a mist and Graham and his hardy assistants made a nice??catch of Semi’s with walkin traps. ??We have had a lot of Peregrine??Falcon activity this year, particularly in Mispillion Harbor and??nearby Slaughter Beach. Just this afternoon we saw a falcon take??either a Dunlin or a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

We also continue to work on resightings at all our sites. ??We’ve??already seen some of the birds we caught just a few days ago.


One thought on “Delaware Bay Shorebird Project

  1. Anonymous

    Very good news on the Horseshoe eggs abundance. I wonder how close was this abundance to the former normal level?Another interesting question is the presence of Peregrines. Have they appeared together with the huge flocks?Cheers, Szimi

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