Shorebird related groups on Facebook

Posted by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders

It’s been a while since I am hanging on Facebook for finding same minded people like me. Apart of having a chance to see extraordinary images or video footages of shorebirds, it is nice to learn more about actual shorebird movements and conservation issues coming from various part of the world. Facebook has an incredible amount of users and so birdwatcher, ornithologist, bird guides as well as organisations. There are quite a few shorebird related group posting updates. Some are are more active while others are just present without much activity.

I personally find it useful and interesting creating and administrating such a group as members love to see what is happening around their favourite bird family. Let me share a few of the worth to join groups at Facebook.

International Wader Study Group

The??International Wader Study Group is an international society with a worldwide network of shorebird researchers, conservationist both amateurs and professionals. The Facebook page of IWSG is updated more frequently recently and having 98 members at the time writing.
Facebook administrator:??Valentijn??Van Den Brink

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group

This is a group for shorebird enthusiasts acorss the Western Hemisphere. Group member reached 172 members to date.
Facebook administrator:??Andrea??Pomeroy
Website: NA

Delaware Shorebird Project

This group is working at one of the most important shorebird sites in the United States with international importance. The threatened ‘rufa’ Red Knots using Delaware Bay as a stop-over site during migration. The members share actual information about the activities and announcements. This group has 60 members at the time of writing.

Manitoba Piping Plover Recovery Program

Piping Plover is one of North America’s threatened shorebird species and need special attention to prevent further population declines. The group is not active but worth to make it known. Recently having 50 members.

Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership

This is an active Facebook group dedicated to bring organisations into an alliance for the conservation of the endangered Least Tern and Piping Plover. The group has 442 members to date.

Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

The group is for making the this unique shorebird festival known for the public. Every year, on 6-9 May, the Kachemak Bay welcomes visitors and shorebird enthusiasts for the celebration of shorebird arrival and for the protection of this important shorebird area. The group has 162 members to date.

I ??? Shorebirds

The group is created for the every shorebird lover across the planet. The group is active with a lots of posts and news shared weekly. 1875 members joined to date.
Facebook administrators:??Gyorgy Szimuly, Dani Valverde and Gunnar Engblom
Facebook access:??

I might have missed a group or fan page. Anyone knows about an active shorebird or wader group please leave a comment here.

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