Data submission for Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project is open

Posted by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders, Hungary

A very long and challenging time is behind us but the first outcome is now here and visible. The WorldWaders now proudly announces the 1.0 version of Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project under this link: This online application helps us to collect breeding data of every single shorebird species from every corner of the Planet. Our target to make the simplest data submitting app yet capable to provide adequate source for further analysis is achieved. Further GIS development is under way.

My former (and the last) boss, Jari, always said ‘there is always room for development’. We keep this??quotation on our desk hance????this version??named 1.0. As it has written in my previous post, the project runs as a pilot project in 2010 while we are looking for rooms for improvement.
The success of this project is fully depending on the wide network of volunteers. No atlas project have ever been published without the enormous and??magnanimous field work of birdwatchers, students, researchers or rangers and even bird and wildlife photographers. We count on you for this project!??Incredible number of people spends time along their local paths, at favourite wetlands or various kind of habitats suitable for waders to breed. Please, make your simple registration and take a look at our application to be able to make your first data submission.
Spreading the word is another key factor for success. Should you have a local birding listserv or other mailing list, NGO newsletter or any social media where you could share this information please do it. Simply link our recent news and post it. The list of gifts for 2010 will be published later this year (in the news here). Every name will be put into the ‘hat’ so be a part of the game today.

Special thanks to Jan Villasper, David Nowell and the IRQ Team for making this announcement possible.
For further question please contact Gyorgy Szimuly at gyorgy.szimuly (et me (dot com

2 thoughts on “Data submission for Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project is open

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you my Friends. I hope many of you will join this initiative and submit at least a single record of a breeding shorebird (more is even better…).

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