Breeding season is under way in the Northern Hemisphere: the Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project is to be launched

Posted by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders, Hungary

In a large part of the Northern Hemisphere breeding season has already started and clutches are complete in many shorebird areas, while Arctic migrants are still on their way to the snow covered breeding grounds. There are many ongoing, both small and large scale, breeding bird monitoring project around the world aiming to learn more about changes in population trends and distribution.??

From this year WorldWaders is introducing the Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project aiming to have actualised distribution maps and population figures of breeding shorebird populations around the world. The goal is not simple so the project is divided into 3 phases. The first year, 2010, will be a pilot season (Phase 1) when we make the project widely known in as many countries as possible and identifying application bugs and non-user friendly features (which we hope will not happen). In Phase 1 one of the most important task is to set an network of national and or state??coordinators who can get in touch with local participants to support goal achievement.

In Phase 2 mass but quality breeding data collection starts from the actual, as well as from the past years (back to year 2000). In Phase 3 data will be analysed and published in the new shorebird handbook in preparation.

As every atlas project needs a lots of volunteers, this initiative is also highly depending on a large number of field workers. We are seeking for birdwatchers, researchers, bird guides, students and specialists for field work and data submission through the online application??to be published. Until the website is not online I encourage every birder to record nesting attempts of local shorebirds/waders. Following our site gives up-to-date information on the availability of the application (hopefully next week). If you feel you could be a national or regional coordinator please leave a comment here.
Participation in the??Breeding Shorebird Mapping Project??is worth as several gifts will be selected by a draw among data submitters every year. More details will be published later.

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