How does WorldWaders Posterous work for contributors?

Posted by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders, Hungary

WorldWaders Posterous is a simple way of making a blog co-authored. No registration is needed by??any of the present or future contributor. Anyone wishes to be an author of WorldWaders Posterous should agree in adding her/his e-mail address to the list of contributor. Addresses added manually by me based on requests or agreements. Addresses will never be shared or sold to third parties and strictly used for the purpose of WorldWaders Posterous.

Once a collaborator is added posting is possible in a simply way.??Anytime a co-author emails, you’ll see it online at?? The subject of your email becomes the title of your post, and the body and attachments of the email??become the content of your blog post.??Text, photos, music, video, documents and all kinds of files can be attached, emailing it to

Some rules
  • Post should not contain direct marking materials or immediate redirecting to another site (like author’s own site) however, sharing a personal link is allowed. The post should focus on the objectives of WorldWaders Posterous as sharing informations about shorebirds/waders.
  • Shorebird/wader terminology means all the species within the bird families as follows:??Stone-curlews and Thick-knees;??Sheathbills;??Magellanic Plover;??Oystercatchers;??Crab-plover;??Ibisbill;??Stilts and Avocets;??Plovers;??Egyptian Plover;??Painted Snipes;??Jacanas,??Plains-wanderer;??Seedsnipes;??Sandpipers and Snipes;??Coursers and Pratincoles.
  • We keep the right to delete any irrelevant posts, contents or comments without prior notice.
Enjoy posting. Try it now!

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