Launching a multi-contributed blog on shorebirds

Posted by Gyorgy Szimuly/WorldWaders, Hungary

Our idea to set up a community or better to say multi-collaborated blog has came into reality. Good number of sites deal with shorebirds locally or regionally but WorldWaders aims, as its name suggests, to cover shorebird news from around the world regardless of species. Posterous’s service offers a possibility to post news by anyone who is on our contributor list. Our target to have a good number of contributors to feed the blog by new and relevant news on shorebirds, their breeding, migration, conservation, sustainable habitat management as well as education, public awareness or about research project results understandable for the public.

We encourage everyone, who feels writing anything fitting any of the above listed topic, to contact us.??A contributor will be able to post to our blog by e-Mail by sending mail to?? posts will be sent to all contributors automatically. By contacting us just give your e-Mail address to us and we send the invitation to be the member of contributors.
Happy Shorebirding!


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